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Our mission is to empower small businesses to achieve their full potential. We bring years of experience and a deep commitment to helping business owners navigate the complexities of growth, acquisition, and strategic planning. Our dedicated team of advisors works closely with you, offering personalized guidance and expert insights to ensure your business's success.

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Jeff Burdick, President, Absolute Moving Company

Five years ago, we were developing an exit strategy to retire or move on to other things. Dave Stephens came up as a person who could help both with an exit strategy and financial planning. He would help put together a 5-year buy-out plan.

Two of our long-term employees had expressed interest and Dave put together a program for the employees to raise capital. Dave followed up weekly, both with the employees and with us. After several years, it became evident that while the initial strategy was sound, the people were the wrong fit to assume ownership. Instead, Dave helped me buy out my partner in September 2022.

He is now with us, working on management development, recruiting, and process and procedure development. We are more efficient today as a result. The next plan is to build value and prepare for my exit in the next 2 to 3 years.

Dave has been helpful, engaged, and willing to jump in whenever needed. I would recommend Dave if you were looking for someone to help you with structure, growth and preparing for sale.

Landon Strawhand, CIC , Cova Insurance

I have known and worked with Dave Stephens for 20 years. Dave has shown tremendous talent and the ability to provide guidance to help further my business. Dave has helped grow my business by 4X, taking my revenue to over $2,000,000.

Dave is an extremely honest person and will let you know up front if a product or service is not what is needed. He has shown me time and time again how valuable he is. He is very well-connected and knows just about everyone who can help grow your business.

He can help increase sales and use his sales experience to train sales staff and sales managers.

I highly recommend Dave to all my clients and friends who own businesses. He is steadfast in his desire to help others achieve the goals that they wish to achieve.

Jeffery Rayford, President, Tuskegee Contracting, LLC

We are a small business general contractor specializing in construction and renovation projects, primarily with the federal government. Tuskegee Contracting was established in 2010 and by 2018, we had grown to the point where I wanted to give our employees something to help plan for retirement. So, I decided to establish a 401(k) program.

David Stephens with Legacy Business Advisors was recommended and he has been the financial advisor for Tuskegee Contracting’s 401K Plan since 2018. The program was available to over 20 employees and David provided personal finance advice to those who participated. David also assisted me with business financial planning and helped me establish an exit strategy for the future.

He is very knowledgeable & experienced and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to improve their business or personal financial position.

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